San Teodoro is a famous tourist resort about 27 km south of Olbia. Every year it is the favourite destination of many young or non, who love this tourist resort full of beaches, restaurants, bars, lots of fun and with a sea that has no equals.
There are hundreds of wonders, and the numerous recreational activities possible in San Teodoro, we have decided to list 7 of the most significant:

1. The Borgo. Truly charming, it offers pleasant evening strolls among the characteristic stalls, all seasoned with a holiday atmosphere with an international flavour.

2. Beaches. several, with white Sand, La Cinta, Cala Ghjrgolu, Cala Brandinchi, Lu Impostu etc. You are spoiled for choice, the beaches of San Teodoro are known all over the world.

3. Lagoon. San Teodoro has a precious ecosystem rich in flora and fauna, a lagoon where it is possible to admire pink flamingos, the marsh harrier, herons, and many other animals. In the lagoon naturalistic excursions and unforgettable walks are possible among breath-taking views.

4. Seabed. Underwater landscapes to explore populated by marine flora and fauna, a garden created by mother nature.

5. Mount Nieddu. San Teodoro is not just the sea, in its municipality there is Monte Nieddu, an ideal destination for day trips, where it is possible to go trekking, canyoning, mountain biking. Do not miss the waterfalls and natural pools of Rio Pitrisconi.

6. Fun. Known for its vibrant nightlife, San Teodoro has numerous clubs and famous discos throughout Sardinia.

7. Good food. Whether they are street food, snack bars, farm holidays, fish specialties, international cuisine or typical cuisine, in San Teodoro there is no shortage of opportunities and places to taste food for all palates.