Over 75 years Rental

Senior Driving – Car rental for drivers over 75 years old

Most rental companies in Sardinia place a maximum age limit for renting a car generally ranging from 70-75 years old.

The car rental services in Sardinia of Only Sardinia Autonoleggio, do not place any age limit in order to rent a car as long as you have a regular driver's license or license.

With a regular driver's license/license, which, we remind you, is issued after verifying the person's psychophysical, moral as well as attitudinal requirements, you can safely rent a car for your vacations in Sardinia.

F.A.Q. frequently asked questions about Senior Driving and Over 75.

  What is the age limit to be able to rent a car?
With Only Sardinia Autonoleggio there is no age limit to be able to rent a car. It is sufficient to be in possession of a normal valid driver's license.

  Why do you allow drivers over 75 to car rent, while I have contacted other car rental companies, and several of them do not allow this?
We have made a special insurance agreement, which allows us to rent cars even to drivers 75 years of age and older, as long as they have a regular driver's license.

  Can I drive all vehicles?
Yes you can book, and drive, any vehicle in our broad fleet, as long as it is allowed by your driver's license.