Used Cars

If you are looking for a used car in perfect condition, buying it from a car rental can prove to be the ideal solution, because rental cars generally:

• are continuously checked up.
• when the customer returns, they undergo for a meticulous check (check, wash etc.)
• any slightest defect is resolved immediately

For car rentals, the car represents an instrumental asset, so there is the certainty of a car without defects, since, at the first hint of malfunction, the car get's repaired.
A car rental always keeps its fleet at best in terms of aesthetics and maintenance. To dispel the myth that sometimes rented cars can be mistreated by customers, this is normally excluded, since the customer when hireing a car, is responsible for any damage, including even the smallest damage.

Our fleet is continuously updated, contact us if you are interested in buying a used car in Sardinia.

All our cars before being offered for sale are:

✓ Mechanical Checked
✓ serviced
✓ Washed and sanitizated