Only Sardinia Autonoleggio’s business philosophy is based on customer satisfaction. Open communication, attention to the details and personalized service are the foundations on which we build travel experiences in Sardinia. This can all be summed up in our 7 points of business philosophy:

1. Customer Orientation

◦ Highest customer satisfaction through personalized services.
◦ Quick response to customer needs and exceeding of expectations.
◦ Careful listening and resolution of customer inquiries and complaints.
◦ Present in all well-known platforms

2. Sustainability and environmental responsibility:

◦ Adoption of policies and practices to reduce environmental impact.
◦ Use of vehicles with low energy consumption or powered by renewable sources.
◦ Compensation of carbon emissions through ecological projects.

3. Technological innovation:

◦ Investment in leading-edge technology to improve the customer experience.
◦ Direct online booking systems without intermediaries.
◦ Advanced vehicle monitoring to ensure safety and efficiency.

4. Operations Excellence:

◦ Efficient management of the fleet to ensure reliability of all vehicles.
◦ Strict quality control to provide valuable services.
◦ Optimization of operational processes to summarize efficiency and reduce waiting times.

5. Enhancement of the team:

◦ Creating a stimulating, collaborative and supportive work environment.
◦ Development of staff skills through continuous training.
◦ Recognizing and rewarding the excellent performances to promote motivation and loyalty of the employees.

6. Community involvement:

◦ Active participation in the local community by sports sponsorships
◦ Raising awareness of road safety and promoting responsible behavior with all employees.
◦ Collaboration with social organizations to support causes relevant to the community.

7. Company ethics and transparency:

◦ Company conduct based on ethical values and principles of integrity.
◦ Clear and transparent communication with customers, employees and stakeholders.
◦ Observance of laws and industry standards to guarantee an impeccable corporate reputation.