Olbia Airport

The airport Olbia Costa Smeralda is one of the most beautiful, important and modern airports in Italy, it is located near the town of Olbia, at only 1km away from it.

Modern architecture and respect of the Sardinian landscape make the airport one of the most integrated structure within the territory.

The airport has a large shopping center with 2,200sqm of shops, snack bars and restaurants, high quality services for all passengers in transit. The control tower is also noteworthy as it is the 3rd biggest in Italy with a surface of ​​120sqm per 42mt height with rigorously state-of-the-art technologies.(Update Gennaio 2018)


Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda
Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (Sardinia, Italy)

07026 OLBIA

INFO-POINT: +39 0789 563 444

e-mail: [email protected]

Airport Data
WMO code 16531
Altitude 11 m above sea level
Coordinates 40°53′55″N 9°31′03″E
Managing Entity GEASAR S.p.A.

For car rental at the airport: Only Sardinia Autonoleggio

• Summary sheet (source: Wikipedia)

Check-in counters: 40

Fingers: 5

Gates: 10

Air Terminal Area: 42.000 m²

Maximum Passenger Capacity: 4.500.000

Commercial Areas: 3.000 m²

Parking Spaces: 1700

Total Airport Surface Area: 300 h

Aircraft Parking: (incl. General Aviation): 67


I am at the arrivals area of the airport, how far away is the car rental area of the airport?

The arrivals area is only 50 meters from the Bus and Car Rentals terminal area. Distance we have reported here in this downloadable pdf [IT].

How can I reach it (the car rental area)?

As soon as you exit the arrivals area, go out the sliding door and walk down the driveway for 50m to the right. Shown here in green:

How to reach your parking lot?

As soon as you exit the Car Rental Terminal, follow the ramp indicated in blue and walk about 90mt. down the tree-lined driveway (Blue Route), the car rental parking lot will be on the right.
Alternatively, you can at times exit the entrance and after 20mt (Fuchsia) reconnect with the blue route.

Where is the nearest gas station located?

The nearest gas station is located about 2km from the airport, here by route with real-time traffic updates from the station to our office.