Young Drivers and Newly Licensed

Normally in order to drive a rental car, you must be 25 years old, 21 years at most depending on the insurance conditions applied by various rental companies. .

With Only Sardinia Autonoleggio, even drivers aged between 19 and 25, thanks to special supplementary insurances, can still rent a car at Olbia Airport and Porto Cervo.

In certain cases, by prior arrangement, the possibility of car hire is extended to drivers 18 years of age. With Only Autonoleggio, selecting the “young driver" service, no age limit to rent a car in Sardinia.

In Olbia, Porto Cervo, Cagliari e San Teodoro

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm 18, and most of the car rentals require 21 years for car rental, it is true that I can still get a rental car with you?

You can rent a car even if you are 18 years of age, but in this case you need to contact our rental center in advance on +39 0789 68947

How many years of license you must have in order to rent a car?

Normally to rent a car, you must have a license for at least a year, but through a specific product with Only Sardinia Autonoleggio you can rent even if you have a driving license for less than a year

Why do you allow car hire for young people between 19 and 21 years, while I have contacted other car rentals and do not allow it?

As well as other car rentals, we have entered into a special insurance agreement, which allows us to rent cars not only for drivers between 21 and 25 years, but also for those between 19 and 21 years who have a driving license even less of a year

Are there any restrictions in Sardinia?

In Sardinia the regulations are exactly the same as those of the highway code in force throughout Italy