Cash payment or prepaid electronic cards

Only Sardinia Autonoleggio accepts all the most common payment methods for guarantee and balance, according to the needs of the Customer in compliance with the new regulations in force. You can decide whether to pay in cash, with debit cards, credit cards,  electronic and prepaid credit cards, and also with the innovative PayPal system.


If the customer is not the driver

Always something more! Most car rental companies demand that the customer (paying party) be the very driver of the rented vehicle. This involves an extra cost and sometimes leads to the refusal or the cancellation of the rent. We at Only Sardinia Autonoleggio include this service in our price, provided that both persons are present.


On board battery charger for portable devices

The smart choice! Each car at Only Sardinia is provided with a mobile phone battery charger, to be returned when giving the car back. Please ask for this service to our staff, before getting into the car. (This service is granted according to stock availability).

“assistenza stradale gratis

Road Assistance

In case it happens, flat tyre, loss of keys, accidents etc. always included a road assistance active whenever needed with no extra charge. Starting your rental you will be informed of the right phone number to call, and start your vacation better.

“supporto h24

“Round the Clock” Emergency support

Full services included in the car rental! Only Sardinia Autonoleggio guarantees round the clock road side assistance in the event of engine failure. You will be directly connected to our team who will provide you with the needed support should any emergency occur.

“flessibilità e vicinanza al cliente


Always close to customer needs. Once booked, we always wait for you, even if your plane is late (most companies expect maximum 59min.). We do not apply age restrictions, even for young drivers and over 75 we have additional insurance that guarantees the possibility to rent. We simplify your difficulties, always.

“servizio senza code

 “Speedy Service"

Skip all lines! At our counter we have the lowest waiting time in the market. With “speedy service" you will find your contract already filled in and ready to go as you reach our counter. “Speedy service" is free of charge.

lavaggio auto incluso

Washing and sanitizing

A full car wash, entirely free of charge, is always included in your rental. We maintain our vehicles meticulously, and in this regard no exception when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.
Only in very exceptional cases, when the vehicle is returned in a very particular condition, may be required a surcharge.

consegna chiavi in keybox


You can return your car out of our opening hours by dropping the car keys in the KeyBox.

CDW, TP cover and RCA Insurance

Coverage that reduces your liability (depending on the type of car rented) up to a maximum limit in case of damage (CDW) or theft (TP).
Third-party motor liability insurance (RCA) up to 25 million euros.

Moreover always included in the rental rate:

✓ Unlimited Kilometers.
✓ Modifications.
✓ Coverage that limits your liability in case of damage or theft.
✓ Third-party liability included up to 25 million limit.
✓ Roadside assistance.


“seggiolini per bambini

Children's seats

We at Only Sardinia Autonoleggio do care for your family safety! In our rental centres you will find a wide range of children seats. Our kid's seats are continuously and scrupulously checked and sanitized. While booking your car, you must also book the seat according to the child’s age and weight.

“navigatore satellitare

Satellite navigation system

Find the right way! You will find the best GPS devices at our rental centres. The most interesting routes and locations of the area will be already uploaded to your device. While booking your car, you can ask for the cost of GPS service and eventually add it to the contract.

“conducenti multipli

Alternative and/or multiple drivers

Go for “Alternative drivers"! Traffic laws are getting ever more stricter, so for your next car rental add one or more alternative drivers. We only charge for the first extra driver. All others will be free of charge.

“assicurazioni extra

Insurance coverage: included and extra

Go for safety! welcome in our safety area, where you will be able to learn about all the details concerning “included" and “extra" insurance coverage. You will be able to learn the difference between all insurance options, as well as the extra costs due in case of bad events occurring beyond your responsibility.

“servizio di rifornimento

Fuel Service

Time is precious! How much does missing a flight or getting late to an appointment cost?
Buy fuel when you book your car, so to save your precious time. All our vehicles are delivered with full tank. Should you have no time to refill it while giving the vehicle back, we can do it for you. Just ask for the “tank refill" service while booking your car.

“consegna e ripresa auto a noleggio anche fuori sede

Delivery and collection beyond our offices area

Go for comfort! Ask for Delivery and Collection service, wherever it best suits your needs. This service is available within 50 km range from our nearest rental centre.

“servizio consegna fuori orari di apertura

Delivery and collection over hours

With Only Sardinia Autonoleggio you have the certainty to collect or delivery your car out of office hours. You can ask for a teller in avery hour during day or night at the Airport office. Overmore for prepayd rentals on line, the reservation system calcolates automatically the right fee.
Only Sardinia Autonoleggio is going to grant your reservation even in case of strong delay or night flights.

“noleggio auto anche neopatentati

Novel drivers, young drivers and over 75 drivers car hire 

No restrictions, we have special  products for renting a car in the specific range for who is under 21 years old or over 75 or if you are a novel driver from less than one year.

“polizza gomme e cristalli

Glass Protection – PGC

It is our Glass insurance that allows you to travel without worries. It is the most convenient, as well as the cheapest among those proposed in the rent-a-car world. Only Sardinia Autonoleggio has an insurance which protects you for all the negative events that may involve the glasses of the rented car. Whether it's a chipping, a broken glass for attempted theft, your “PGC" will protect you totally.

noleggio monopattini elettrici

Electric kick scooters

In conjunction with your booking, you can add brand new electric scooters as an extra to take with you at all times. Comfortable and foldable, they are great to hold and ready to use in the hood of your rental car. Autonomy of 45km with 8/9 hours of charging.

Our team of experts is ready to welcome you with a warm smile and assist you in every step of your journey. We are here to listen to your needs and recommend the perfect vehicle to make your trip special. Your satisfaction is our priority and we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. Flexibility is our keyword.
We understand that plans can change and we are ready to suit your needs. Whether you want to rent a car for a day, a week or longer, we are here to offer you reasonable rates and flexible rental solutions that fit your schedule. You will live your trip to Sardinia, with tranquility, knowing that you will be supported by a dedicated team that will always take care of you. We are here to offer you not just a vehicle, but a complete experience, full of assistance, local advice and a friendly smile every time you encounter us.

Get ready to start your trip towards new horizons with Only Sardinia Autonoleggio. Let our passion for travel merge with yours, creating precious memories along the way. The road awaits you, your trip in Sardinia has just begun