Our Values

We love the car rental world and we are a close-knit team, prone to provide a superior satisfactory car rental service. This is a company customer-centred in the car hire market.

According to Only Sardinia Autonoleggio values we are constantly engaged in creating a positive and energising working environment for our employees. We believe that motivation and satisfaction of co-workers are fundamental for the firm success and to provide an excellent service to our customers.

For this reason, we try to keep the working environment open and supportive, where every member of the team is respected and enhanced for his/her ideas and skills. We promote the continuous learning and training to help our human resources to develop their abilities and their professional careers.

We are aware that a peaceful workplace not only helps our employees to reach their full potential, but also to provide a special service to our clients and to let them enjoy an unforgettable experience.
We are committed to create a safe, healthy ad positive working environment, where everyone can work to the best of his/her abilities.

Moreover, we acknowledge the importance of the work-life balance and we try to be as much flexible as possible in order to let our co-workers manage personal and professional commitments.

In brief, our purpose is creating a positive and stimulating workplace where our associates can grow professionally and reach their goals and, in the meanwhile, ensure to our customers a high quality car rental service and an extraordinary hiring experience.


Our co-workers are friendly and empathetic, they can’t wait to help you in the shortest time possible. They are trained to offer you the easiest and most positive rental experience possible.


In Only Sardinia Autonoleggio we constantly try to create an energizing and challenging environment.


All the opinions and suggestions, both internal and external to the team, are encouraged with enthusiasm because they help us to grow and they enable us to do better and better, for you and for us.


We are convinced that passion will take us far. Smile and positivity belong to our professional environment.

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