No Waiting Time

The car rental terminals of many airports are almost always crowded, especially in high season. Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport and Cagliari Elmas Airport are no exception, and in summer they reach air traffic volumes among the highest in Europe.

In this context, our car rental centers in Olbia and Cagliari studied two completely free services for anyone renting a car from us in Sardinia: The Speedy Service and Kids Friendly service.

The first one allows you to avoid waiting in endless queues once landed, the second one is a fast track for all parents with children under the age of 13.

We know that beginning your holiday in Sardinia with 3/4 hours of wait is not a good start, that’s why Only Sardinia is proud to declare the reaching over 2013 of a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes with the Speedy Service and 5 minutes with the Kids Friendly service.

Once booked, our operator, if you want it, will send you the forms to fill in order to find upon arrival your rental contract and your car ready for your holiday in Sardinia!

Picking up a rental car in Sardinia, especially at airports, can take a very long time, given the high seasonal turnout. We simply make sure that this does not happen, shorten the time, and make sure that everything happens in the shortest possible time.

Speedy Service is simple and fast, always included in the rental rate, as well as Kids Friendly which allows you to collect your rental car in a very short time. Without unnecessary waiting stress for you and the whole family.

Frequently asked questions about the fast car rental service called Speedy Service:

How does Speedy Service work?

At the time of booking, together with the sending of the voucher, if you wish, a non-binding request will be sent to speed up the car collection procedures.

I used fast check-in services with other car rentals in Sardinia, but there was still a queue, how do you manage to eliminate and guarantee minimum waiting times?

We use proprietary IT systems that allow us to pre-fill much of the necessary documentation in advance. We also employ several human resources appropriate to carry out a unique and fast car rental service. We do not go beyond a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes, in any situation. We are a local and mid-range car rental.
[Here a comparison between the various car rentals and a mid-range local]

Is it possible for me to be charged any additional costs?

The service is always totally free, in no case, a supplement is applied.