FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When I rent a car from your web-site, the car that I'm going to collect it's of your own fleet or you are an intermediary company?

Only Sardinia Autonoleggio is based in several important locations in Sardinia, Olbia Airport and Cagliari Airport with a fleet of our own. We take good care of our cars and they are always mechanically Checked and have maximum 2-year life.

I don't have a credit card, is it possible to rent a car with you?

You can hire a car in all our car rental points with or without credit card, you can also book it from our web-site using your debit card or Pay Pal, in these cases you require to leave a deposit with cash or debit card when collecting the car.

What about deposit, is it required?

It is mandatory in all over the world at any car rental when you book a car,

Is the precautionary amount the customer owes to the car rental. The Deposit will be returned at the end of your rental in case of cash payment.

In case of rentals with credit cards will run only a preauthorization but not a payment as such, the above preauthorization will be removed upon return of the car after checking that everything is in order.

Using debit cards, when are you going to release the deposit?

The release takes place immediately from our side, but in this case, unlike cash and normal credit card, there might be need two or three weeks for your bank makes the amount available again.

Which is the best way to save money renting a car?

Booking in large advance is usually the best choice, with decreasing availability of cars, rates usually increase, and vice versa a lot of cars available, rates are going to be cheaper.

At the international airports, very often picking up a rental car, you need to wait for several hours in a never-ending queue. What will it take if I decide to rent a car with you?

In our rates speed service is always included, we have good software’s and experienced staff that allow us to prepare your rental agreement and your car ready when you arrive.

for this reason, you will never wait longer than it takes. Usually all procedures are done in five minutes with a maximum waiting time in the year 2015 and 2016 of 15 minutes!

My plane might arrive late, will I lose my reservation?

Absolutely not, your reservation is always guaranteed, an operator is always waiting for your arrival, even at night. Moreover, we accept all bookings beyond normal closing time, bookings, which will all be normally performed.

If the credit card it belongs to my Husband or Friend can I rent the car with you anyway?

Yes, you can, the only important thing is that he needs to be present when hiring the car and when returning it.

Is Fuel included in your rates?

We usually provide cars with a full thank of Fuel and you need to come back with the same, fuel is not included.

Over cars and scooters, is it possible ti rent a Van?

Yes, we have Vans to Hire in Olbia Airport for freight transportation up to 10 tons

Which are the requirements to rent a van?

In order to rent a van you must be 25 years old, possess a driver's license and personal identity card. Both strictlycurrently valid at the time of rent.

I've booked on line, once arrived what document should I submit?

Your confirmed voucher and payment receipt, but it is not exhaustive is just to speed up the procedures.

I lost my mail "confirmation voucher" or payment receipt, what do I need to do? will I lose my booking?

Your booking is registered in our computer system, so you are not going to lose anything and able to hire the car anyway.

I have seen there are several rental companies in Olbia Airport, such as Avis, Hertz and Europcar, why should I book with Only Sardinia Car Rental?

We are a local company and our Gol is to provide Clear and All-inclusive rates, reduced procedures and waiting time, completely positive reviews on independent sites.

Our service is specifically designed, no bed surprises.

Can I use NFC technology to pay for the rental?

it is possible to use NFC technology to pay for the rental for a simple reason, paying with this technology through your smartphone, tablet, wearable, the operator does not receive any information on your card, account, etc. This makes your transaction much safer for you and us. Be aware, for this same reason, NFC technology, at the moment, in the car rental market cannot be used for the security deposit to be returned at the end of the rental.

Generating a quote, I sometimes noticed that automatically, depending on the times of arrival or departure, appears a surcharge with the word night-fee what it is?

We accept car rentals at night or outside of common business hours, in this case, in quotes, automatically, it charges a service fee that is called night-fee

Is it necessary to return the car clean?

We care about cleaning our vehicles, we are scrupulous in respecting all procedures so that the vehicle is always in perfect! Mechanical condition as well as cleanliness and hygiene. Standard washing is always included in the price. Only in rare and completely exceptional cases, where a standard wash is not sufficient to restore normal vehicle cleanliness and complete hygiene, a supplement may be required.

I'm over 75 years old, can I rent a car from you?

Yes, as long you have a valid driving license, no problem with our company.

May I have a rate plan?

Depending on the location, time and type of vehicle, you can get the exact rate based on current offers and availability. We have not a static but dynamic pricing system in real time as well as larger companies.

The rates that you propose, what is included in the price?

Unlimited Mileage, Roadside service, View/Modify/Cancel, Basic coverages, Limited liability in case of damage or theft, speedy service.