Doing car rental and being more and more careful about our clients and for the environment. 

We carefully choose our vehicles from suppliers accordingly to sustainability policies, giving preference to models with lowest emissions possible. In our parking lots we have found it useful for our customers and for the environment to include bins for the separate collection of plastic, paper and cardboard, aluminium, and wet waste. These bins are easily identified at the end of each parking lane.
The Only Sardinia Car Rental website is hosted by a first level Italian provider to ensure you speed, the same provider is certified ISO 4000, a certification that sets the environmental management requirements of an organization.

Since 2022, we have decided to have our uniforms made with quality fabrics that are produced by leading brands that care about low environmental impact. In our offices, after the natural expiration due to technical obsolescence, we are replacing electronic devices with those of higher energy class available on the market, lighting has been replaced in favour of low-consumption LED lighting, all of which is powered by suppliers using renewable energy sources.

To contribute to the well-being of the planet we are reducing the CO2 put into the atmosphere by planting a new tree every month, trees that can be tracked and geo-located by anyone through the Treedom platform

From now on we will give absolute priority to the purchase of hybrid and electric vehicles. We want to become a business as sustainable as possible, we aim to improve ourselves more and more, for us, our employees, and the planet. We continually compare ourselves with our employees to improve our ecological footprint towards the environment as much as possible.

 We choose the cars keeping in mind the suppliers that have models with fewer emissions.
  In our parking lot you will find bins for the recycling collection in addition to the airport recycling bins
  For our uniforms, we use suppliers who care about environmental matters
  During the cleaning of the vehicles, we follow procedures respecting the environment
•  We choose our energy suppliers, giving preference to those who use renewable sources
  Our hosting provider is Italian, and has obtained ISO 14001 Certification related to the company's management system
  We adopt environmental awareness campaigns towards our collaborators
  We use energy-saving lighting systems
  We are reducing CO2 through new trees being planted every month
•  From 2023 onwards the purchase of new vehicles will be hybrid or electric