0% Overbooking

Overbooking is a revenue management technique used mainly by airlines and the hotel industry. In detail, it consists of accepting reservations beyond actual availability by considering the probability of people who will not show up for check-in due to cancellation, unforeseen events, delays etc.

Many brands in the car rental industry, have also started to make use of this technique to increase the lost profit margins that are increasingly being eroded in favor of extreme low-cost rates.

The result is that several travelers, with other companies, take the risk of not finding their car ( even if it is booked) once they arrive at their destination, maybe because of a simple plane delay or because you only have a prepaid card etc…

Only Sardinia Autonoleggio, expressly prohibits any overbooking technique, whether online or in its own rental centers, and are able to guarantee the rented car at all times.

With us no overbooking problems, your car will be ready and waiting for you for your vacation in Sardinia! Always.

Proving this for years now are the reviews, at Olbia Airport we are amongst the best.