Car Rental Marina di Olbia

The Olbia Marina is a modern and welcoming facility within the Gulf of Olbia. It is located less than 2km from the Only Sardinia Autonoleggio rental center present at the airport.

This allows our Olbia Airport agency to provide a complete delivery and pickup service of the highest standard, making sure you find a car available at all times in this convenient and beautiful location.

At the Olbia Marina, it is possible to carry out delivery and pick-up (Pick Up Service) of all vehicles in our fleet and, with 3 days’ notice, also rent cars in the luxury segment.


What does it mean that the rental service is fulfilled at a pick-up location?

When referring to a pick-up location, it means that the rental is fulfilled with external delivery from the nearest rental location. The car is delivered from the rental center closest to the pick-up location. In the case of the Olbia Marina, the service is carried out by the Olbia airport headquarters, which is responsible for delivering the car at the agreed time at the Marina itself. Summarizing the pick-up locations, Marina Olbia included, are the locations, where it is possible to have the car delivered so that the actual rental can be done.

What is the nearest rental location?

The nearest rental location to Olbia Marina, is Olbia airport, here there are numerous cars of all segments, vans and scooters, which upon request can be delivered to the nearby Marina which is about 2km away. The Only Sardinia Autonoleggio in Olbia airport is the best-stocked as well as the headquarters.

Instead of having the car returned to the pick-up location, can I go directly to pick up the car at the Olbia rental office?

Yes of course, given the proximity, you can directly and easily reach the rental office present in Olbia airport.