Frequently Asked Questions about Car Washing

The care of our vehicles is a priority: we always keep the cars in perfect condition, both from a mechanical and hygienic point of view, scrupulously following every maintenance and cleaning procedure.

Q: Why are Only Sardinia Autonoleggio vehicles always so clean?

A: Unlike many other less structured car rental companies, Only Sardinia Autonoleggio has its own car wash system. This allows us to thoroughly and completely clean and sanitise each vehicle after each rental. Our commitment to cleanliness goes beyond simple industry standards, so that we can guarantee our customers a pleasant and safe driving experience.

Q: What type of cleaning is carried out on vehicles?

A: Each vehicle is subjected to a complete internal and external wash. The interior is vacuumed, as well as the surfaces that are cleaned and disinfected, and the glass surfaces are polished. The exterior is washed with high-quality products, and most vehicles are dried by hand to avoid streaks.

Q: How often are vehicles cleaned?

A: A standard cleaning is carried out on each vehicle before each rental. This means that when you rent a vehicle from Only Sardinia Autonoleggio, you can be sure to be getting into a clean car that is ready for you to start your rental.

Q: Why did Only Sardinia Autonoleggio decide to invest in its own washing system?

A: We believe that vehicle cleanliness is a fundamental aspect of the rental experience. Having our own washing system allows us to have full control over the quality of cleaning, guaranteeing our customers the highest standards of hygiene and safety and clear time frames.

Q: What products are used for car washing?

A: We use high-quality products, which are specifically for cleaning car interiors and exteriors. The products are chosen for their cleaning effectiveness, but also for the respect of surfaces and the environment.

A standard vehicle wash is always included in the price: a supplement may be required only in the case of rare exceptions, if the standard wash is not sufficient to ensure optimal cleaning and hygiene.