Olbia touristic city

The city of Olbia, Sardinia's front door, could be considered a crossing point for tourists visiting the Island, our car rental company lists 10 good reasons to stay a little bit longer in the city:

1) The city's natural Gulf is wonderful, just think of the Pink Flamingos.

2) The beaches from Olbia to Golfo Aranci are stunning, all with white sand and beautiful sea. Porto Istana and Capo Ceraso are also part of the municipality of Olbia.

3) Due to its location, Olbia offers gorgeous views, for instance Monte Pino: overlooking the city, offers hiking and breathtaking views.

4) The park of Padrongianus river is ideal for active holidays and excursions in kayaks.

5) Olbia is a city rich in history. Start with a visit to the archaeological museum to deepen this aspect. (pre-Nuragic and Nuragic eras, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Romans) 

6) Olbia has all the facilities of a big city within tourist’s reach.

7) The hotels of the city are new, you will find many B&B, the rural tourism establishments are within easy reach and the beaches are fully equipped.

8) The city has one of Italy's most beautiful city parks, perfect for jogging addicts and for outdoor sports.

9) The holiday homes have competitive prices.

10) Olbia is a strategic point for those who, by car, want to visit Gallura and Alta Baronia regions. But staying in Olbia at night can be the best time to discover other hidden aspects of the city.