Rental Car Insurances

When you rent a car, it is always covered by a Vehicle Insurance and a Comprehensive Cover that limit your liability in case of accident, damage or theft. Nevertheless, a deductible is fixed, that is to say a minimum limit amount based on the value of the car for which the customer is liable only if a negative event occurs.

The covers always included in the price of the rental are:
Third-party liability insurance, CDW (collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection) with non-waivable excess in case of damage* and non-waivable excess in case of theft** of:

Group A € 850,00* € 1.300,00**
Group B € 850,00* € 1.300,00**
Group BS € 1.000,00* € 1.500,00**
Group C € 1.000,00* € 1.500,00**
Group CA € 1.000,00* € 1.500,00**
Group D € 1.000,00* € 1.500,00**
Group DA € 1.000,00* € 1.500,00**
Group E € 1.000,00* € 1.500,00**
Group F € 1.000,00* € 1.500,00**
Group G € 1.300,00* € 1.800,00**
Group H € 1.500,00* € 1.800,00**
Group HA € 1.800,00* € 2.500,00**
Group I € 1.500,00* € 1.800,00**
Group J € 1.800,00* € 2.500,00**
Group JA € 2.300,00* € 3.000,00**
Group M € 1.500,00* € 1.800,00**
Group K € 1.800,00* € 2.500,00**
Group N € 2.500,00* € 3.000,00**
Group O € 3.500,00* € 3.500,00**
Group OA € 850,00* € 1.300,00**
Group P € 1.300,00* € 1.500,00**
Group 1 € 3.500,00* € 3.500,00**
Group Z € 850,00* € 1.300,00**
Group W € 12.000,00* € 12.000,00**
Group T1 € 2.500,00* € 2.500,00**
Group T2 € 2.500,00* € 2.500,00**

***PDF Table [Download]

It is possible to partially reduce or totally eliminate the excess of the Kasko policy at the time of rental with additional non-mandatory insurance:

– (SCDW) Total elimination of damage deductibles.
– (STP) Total elimination of theft deductibles
– (EXR1) Joint elimination of total loss and theft deductibles
– (REXR) Joint reduction for damage deductibles and theft, limited liability for 500 euros.
– (LEXR) Joint reduction for damage deductibles and theft, limited liability to 300 euros.
– (RCDW and LSCDW) Reduction of vehicle damage liability

Additional non-compulsory ancillary insurance:

– (PGC) Car glasses and tyres insurance
– (PAI) Insurance policy for the driver

All the rates of Only Sardinia Autonoleggio, have Responsability towards third parties RCA insurance + roadside assistance, CDW, TP and unlimited mileage included in the price.


F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions Car Insurance

I want to rent a car, what is included in the insurance policies called standard?

in our insurances called standard or even basic, it includes the RCA insurance as per law plus: roadside assistance, CDW which reduces your liability in case of collision or damage, TP which reduces your liability in case of theft.

Are insurance policies called standard or even basic included in all cars?

yes standard / basic auto insurance is always included in the price of any rental.

More than me, can drive an additional driver?

yes, through additional insurance called “second driver", all further drivers will be able to drive the vehicle rented.

What is PAI insurance?

PAI is a personal insurance that protects the driver of the car in case of accident with injury, with compensation in the event of disability or death up to € 100.000,00.

What does roadside assistance include?

road assistance is always included, and always includes our prompt intervention in case of mechanical breakdown of the car throughout Sardinia. It 'also provided the replacement of the vehicle in the shortest possible time for failures can not be repaired on spot.

***The chart with compensatory penalties has been compiled for what concerns: 

• Bodywork, interior and exterior parts, according to the Wincar bodywork management system by referring to the manufacturers' official price lists.
• Tires, based on the manufacturers' official price lists according to the manufacturers' specifications
 Glasses,  referring to the manufacturers' official price-lists