10 things to keep in mind when renting a car for your vacation

Vacations are a perfect time to relax and have fun, in Sardinia, renting a car allows you to add leisure, fun and also freedom of movement.
However, when renting a car it’s good to keep in mind some advice, applicable when renting a car regardless of whether it is with Only Sardinia Autonoleggio or not, it is important:

1) Choose the right car that fits your mobility needs. When choosing a car rental, it is important to consider the number of people that will be travelling in the same vehicle, the conditions and types of roads that will be covered and the amount of luggage that they will bring. With this in mind, in Sardinia the Fiat Panda is the leader of its segment, just as a minivan could be ideal for a small group with a lot of luggage.

2) Booking sufficiently in advance. Booking in advance allows you to save money, but also to have a wide range of vehicles available from which to choose from. With Only Sardinia Autonoleggio the following vehicles are available: compact cars, sedans, sport cars, minivans, vans.

3) Verify for any possible mileage or geographic limits. Certain rental companies apply mileage limits and geographic limits to where you are allowed to go with the car. With Only Sardinia Autonoleggio you have unlimited mileage for cars that can be driven throughout the European community.

4) Be sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage. Only Sardinia Autonoleggio always includes in its rates a very substantial coverage. Precisely, all cars always have included: RCA up to 25 million, road assistance, insurances that limit the driver’s liability even in case of damage and theft .However, it is possible to ask for additional coverages depending on your needs such as: crystals, tires, elimination of the deductible etc.

5) Check the vehicle. Before leaving with the car rental, check the conditions of the vehicle and report any anomalies to the staff of the rental company. With Only Sardinia Autonoleggio besides the standard check, a video is also made for each rental,which, upon request, is sent immediately to the customer.

6) Be aware of local traffic rules. Each country has its own traffic laws, so make sure you are aware of local rules to avoid fines or accidents. Get informed about any local restrictions, such as limited traffic zones, permitted parking areas etc.

7) Be sure to know the type of fuel. Always check what type of fuel your car runs on (Petrol, Diesel, Electric etc.).

8) Check for any limitations due to the driver’s age since some car rental companies could have age limitations, so be sure to check if there are any limits and how they work. Usually these limitations apply to newly licensed young people or senior drivers. With Only Sardinia Autonoleggio both recently licensed young drivers and those over 75 with extra insurances can rent and drive a vehicle e.g.: young driver | senior driver

9) Book any extras in advance. If you need any extras such as child seats or GPS navigator, be sure to pre-book them, since they could go sold out.

10) Return the rental car on the stipulated time. Be sure to return the rental car on the agreed date and time to avoid generating any extra charges. Only Sardinia Autonoleggio applies an extra tolerance of 59 min.

Briefly, when renting a car for a vacation in Sardinia, it’s important to choose the right car that fits your mobility needs, book in advance, verify mileage limits and included coverages,  carefully check the condition of the vehicle, be aware of local road rules, know how the vehicle is powered, check any age limitations, pre-book any necessary accessories, and, return the rental car on time. By following these tips, you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation and explore Sardinia in complete independence and freedom.