Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. The most beautiful airport.

Built in an easily accessible area, well integrated with the city and the environment. Lots of greenery, low-impact terminals and a control tower, the third largest and most technologically advanced in Italy.
The area surrounding the airport is of very high value. One of the characteristics shared by passengers is that of the typical Mediterranean scents that perfume the environment, a delight for the senses. One passenger stated, ” If they brought me to Olbia airport blindfolded, I would recognize the place by the unique scents of nature from the moment I opened the airplane door….”
Built in 1974, it has been operated by GEASAR S.p.A. since 1985 and has a dedicated terminal for private flights, “Eccelsa Aviation,” the flagship of domestic private airports and one of the first in Europe.

There are multiple services of the various terminals and numerous adjacent shopping centers. The car rental terminal is one of a kind in Italy, perhaps in Europe, in terms of beauty and plurality of car rental companies.
The potential of the airport is high and it is preparing to reach a traffic of 3 million passengers at full capacity and perhaps in the near future 4.5 million passengers.
A challenge, which if achieved , would ensure a vigorous revival of tourism development in the entire area.
Therefore whether you are planning a trip or are thinking of moving to our island, choose to arrive from Olbia Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, the “gateway to Sardinia.”

Only Sardinia Autonoleggio
Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda
07026 Olbia SS – Tel. +39 0789 68947