Only Sardinia Autonoleggio, a great car rental. In Sardinia.

To be a great car rental company, you need to provide a service that offers a combination of quality, convenience, flexibility and reliability, and of course a great fleet. Here are some important characteristics of a top-level car rental:

  1. Broad fleet of vehicles: A great car rental should offer a wide selection of vehicles, this fleet should consist of multiple types of vehicles, from compact cars to luxury sedans, SUVs, vans and scooters. Only Sardinia Car Rental has a fleet of about 600 vehicles, placing the brand among the largest car rentals on the Island by number of cars.
  2. Competitive and clear rates: A quality car rental company offers clear rates, with no hidden costs or unexpected surprises. Customers should always be able to get clear and detailed quotes before booking.
  3. Excellent customer service: A great car rental company puts customers’ needs at forefront. It should provide courteous, helpful and professional customer service, responding promptly to customers’ questions and concerns. The number of employees should always be appropriate to market demand, avoiding customer lines that are typical of small or low-cost car rentals.
  4. Ease of booking and pick-up: A high-quality car rental offers an online platform to book a vehicle quickly and easily with secure payment systems. In addition, a great car rental must provide flexible pick-up and drop-off options, especially at airports or other locations with high tourist traffic.
  5. Well-maintained vehicles: A large car rental company keeps its fleet in excellent condition, ensuring that the vehicles are clean, safe and reliable. Regular maintenance and roadside assistance are very important for a large car rental, by virtue of this, it should be free of charge.
  6. Policies on clear coverages: A reliable car rental company should offer clear and comprehensible insurance coverages so that customers are as aware of their responsibilities as possible, and as autonomous as possible in making decisions about the coverages themselves.
  7. Flexibility in changes and cancellations: A quality car rental company should allow for easy and flexible changes or cancellations of reservations, adjusting to customers’ needs.

In summary, a great car rental must have a large/very large fleet of cars and at the same time offer a complete, transparent and customer-oriented service that ensures a pleasant and hassle-free rental experience.