Only Sardinia Autonoleggio is on Treedom

Treedom, is a web platform that allows you to plant a tree and follow its history online.
Each tree is geo-located, photographed and, correlated by a card, which, allows among others, to also visualize the CO2 absorbed. This a unique opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the planet, and help local farmers, who will be able to plant trees on their own land, taking care of them, and being able to enjoy their fruits.

From the very beginning, we have involved all our employees, to whom, we have decided to donate upon request, one tree each. By 2022, we also plan to involve various stakeholders.

This is the first of the planned actions for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious car rental. Planned actions that will lead in the short to medium term to:

● A substantial increase in the fleet of electric and hybrid cars
● Selection of electricity suppliers, with, electricity from renewable sources
● Increase forest on treedom
● CO2 reduction with new trees donated to employees and stakeholders
● Reductions in plastic purchases in favour of more ecological materials
● Increase recycling within the company
● Use of bio-compatible products
● New company uniforms woven from recycled materials
● Drafting of targets to be achieved in 2022 and drafting new policy document for 2023

We aspire to provide a unique car rental service in Sardinia that will be a point of reference for all those who travel to Sardinia for their vacations and not. A car rental that is increasingly attentive to its customers and the environment.