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Why us?

Because we are

Transparency. When you book a rental car from our web site is all about simple, clear rates and our modules are constantly improved according to your suggestions.

Reliability. Because you can count on a wide range of utility vehicles, luxury and vans etc. to rent, recent vehicles and in order, which after each rental an operator checks with care and attention.

Availability. Because there will always be an operator willing to listen to your needs to resolve any unforeseen events at any time and on different tools, including social media.

Consistency. Because your booking will not be canceled if your flight is delayed, or you have forgotten your driving license and you want your car companion to drive.

Entity. Because for us you will not be a booking code or a simple booking, for us you are Mr. Rossi and much more.

Elasticity. Because you can rent a car using two or more different credit cards or rent with your travel companion's credit card or simply using the cash.

Honesty. Because you will not have unjustified charges for damages to the vehicle that are not your responsibility, guaranteed by the use of new technological tools to reduce, with the aim of eliminating disputes.

Correctness. We have the lowest rate of disputes, damage rate below 1%. Unlike several rental companies with questionable reviews, we stand out for fairness and positive opinions.

Service. Because you can rent a car in easily accessible places such as the airport, port or request the vehicle to be picked up easily from other places in Sardinia that you have requested.

Alternative. Because we are a car rental company that is born and develops its network with different logics compared to competitors.

Organization. Because we are an easy car rental, without long waiting times, where you can send your details in advance and find your rental agreement ready to printed at your arrival.

Courtesy. Because you will be received with a smile by a motivated, positive staff. 

Safety. Because your data entered in our systems are encrypted and navigation is always on a secure and certified connection for each page of the website. The payment data is managed directly from the portal of the supported bank or from PayPal, among the most secure and advanced payment systems in the world. 
Car fleet. Unique for differet vehicles type and particularly if you are referring to Olbia Airport. From economy cars to sports super luxury vehicles through 7/8/9 places, which are particularly suitable for small groups, teams etc. Also Vans, minibuses and scooters. All bookable online.
Position. Our rental place and offices are located in strategic locations and airports. Particularly for the airports we are inside them, we are not of those car rentals that leave intender of being inside the airport but then force you to take shuttles, buses etc. to reach their rental location. You'll find us really here!

Reviews. Only Sardinia Autonoleggio stands out on-line for positive reviews, among the best ever.





Dear Custommer,

Only Sardinia asks for 10 minutes of your precious time, to read the following information.
You will find very useful advice and tips on how to proceed during your rental experience.

We at Only Sardinia do care about our customer's safety and satisfaction.

Transparency first: The car rental business is under constant evolution. An outstanding number of companies are available on the web through websites, portals, or micro-sites that only exist on the net since they have no support of a real physical registered address.
In the years, these subjects have become experts of sophisticated  internet algorithms that use the main web search engines to reach the end user through a "brokerage system" linking a network of various car rental companies.
At the same time some rental companies, mainly from UK, have launched some poor quality products in the market, thus arousing customers’ false expectations.

Reviews in various forums have grown exponentially, enabling us to find out that a great number of customers are unsatisfied, or have incurred in incomprehensible extra payments due to  unclear information provided by the staff of such companies. In some instances some web based companies deliberately exclude specific prepaid costs, which they then charge at the moment of the vehicle collection: i.e. road tax, traffic tax, airport or railway station taxi, etc...

Do not trust virtual companies. Have you ever asked yourself why  many web based rental companies do not show any pictures of their premises? It is simply because their offices do not exist, but they get in touch with a third party, who sometimes contacts another party, who finally books the car at an existing car rental company.
Only Sardinia rental services shows its rental facilities with detailed information on how to reach them.

"Onion like" insurance coverage: beware of internet companies who offer complete "Full Casco" insurance contracts. "Excess Refund" insurance policies can be purchased on the internet,that is the ones that "refund excess damage or theft". Many sites improperly use the term "Full Casco", others state "No deductibles or penalties for damages".
Car rental companies hassled by brokers who guarantee high renting volumes cannot challenge the pre-sales of such products, but they know their huge limitations, which are unfortunately fully charged to the customer.

The "refund of the excess" is a service with fee that does not exempt the customer from refunding the rental company for the damages caused by an accident, for example.
It is up to the client to ask the insurance company for the refund. The insurance company will decide about the relevance of the refund after assessing all witnesses’ statements, complaints and various reports, that the client must gather and supply at his own expenses.

Please remember that the only parties entitled to grant total coverage on a product are its legitimate owners.

Insurance policies must be purchased only from the car rental companies, which are the only legitimate owners of the vehicles. Such insurance policies are divided as follows:

Basic coverage included in the price:
CDW: limitation of damage responsibility
TP     : Limitation of theft responsibility
The term "limitation" refers to the refunding responsibility or "deductibles" which the client must  refund to the rental company.

Additional insurance coverage:
SCDW: cancellation of damage responsibility. (except in case of misuse or serious client's responsibility)
STP: Cancellation of theft responsibility (except in case of misuse or serious client's responsibility)
EXR : cancellation of theft and damage responsibility (except in case of misuse or serious client's responsibility)

Always check your tariff
Your rental tariff or your voucher may not take into account some extra services and options, e.g. extra driver, children's seat, traffic tax, road tax, or other extra costs.

Only Sardinia tariffs are transparent, crystal clear and bear no surprises