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Myth island

It is not a provocation to say, while you stop to read this part of our site, that there is something Sardinian in your genetics... But later you will understand. Getting information about history, geography, geology and about the Sardinian people, is extremely easy, and you won’t have any difficulties to quench your thirst for knowledge on Sardinia. In this part of our website we want to devote a few pages to highlight stories on our island, with the intention of creating a link between the magnificent places, the ancient archaeological and geological sites and the stories and legends that revolve around a specific area.

This idea stems from the fact that some prestigious locations, archaeological sites outside of Sardinia are more "known and visited" by travelers world-wide by virtue of stories and legends that have persuaded the visitors, despite the fact that they are of equal importance, if not even inferior, to some localities of the island. An example is the megalithic circle of "Stonehenge", around which a myth was created that, properly valued, has turned it into an archaeological site of world importance.

From north to south, from east to west and in the center, Sardinia is rich in history, prestigious locations, unique facts and legends.

Sardinia was one of the first lands to surface in the Mediterranean sea, as well as the cradle of nuragic and pre-nuragic civilization. When the territories of Sulcis and Iglesiente surfaced from the sea and when the granites were formed in the Sardinian-Corsican plate, most of the current geography of Italy was submerged.

Since the Lower Paleolithic, in an era going from 650,000 BC to 120,000 BC, there are traces of human presence in an area that has always provided great opportunities to human settlement, just think of the outdoor settlements and Stations of the Rio Altana di Pantallinu in Perfugas. Visiting Sardinia will take you to remote times of the entire humanity, in an ancient and mystical journey made of history bearing in mind the existing genetic connection with the land; not surprisingly, the scientific journal Discover Magazine poses an interesting question: "We are all... Sardinians?" Link.

By visiting the geological and nuragic site of "Tiscali", "Su Nuraxi" in Barumini, the necropolis "Li Muri" in Arzachena, the necropolis of Tuvixeddu, the Grotta della Vipera in Cagliari, the natural pools of La Maddalena Archipelago, the pure waters of Villasimius and Santa Margherita di Pula, Ogliastra, the Barony or the famous Costa Smeralda... you can wonder why man has always lived in these places.

Deepening our understanding of human history in Sardinia is simple... the beauty, the perfumes, the colors, the flavors will delight you while discovering a strong bond with a land and its unique people that enjoys an expectation and quality of life among the highest in the world.