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Only Sardinia Car Rental

P.IVA 02344740903


Only Sardinia Autonoleggio
Noleggio auto Porto Cervo

Via Aga Khan, 1, Porto Cervo OT

Tel.: +39 333 850 7704
Lunedì 08:30–20:00
Martedì 08:30–20:00
Mercoledì 08:30–20:00
Giovedì 08:30–20:00
Venerdì 08:30–20:00
Sabato 08:30–20:00
Domenica 08:30–20:00

Only Sardinia Srl P.IVA 02344740903

Privacy Policy

Porto Cervo car rental

The only car rental in the center of Porto Cervo is Only Sardinia Autonoleggio a few steps from la passeggiata in the Main Port at the "Promenade du Port".

Only Sardinia Car Rental in Porto Cervo has a huge fleet, from standart to luxury, hiring a Ferrari o Range Rover in Porto Cervo will be easy like hiring a compact car.

The rental service is extended to all the facilities in the area with deliveries all around withing ports, docks, villas and hotels.
Booking with us is easy and convenient, dipending from your needs, you can pre-pay from our web-site or else just contact us further information about where to collect the car and how to pay with our differt kind of payments excepted

In Porto Cervo you can olso pay with cash or debit cards and electonic cards.

For Luxury cars, sedan, sports car and SUV's there is allways a professional attendent who will satisfy all your needs.


Only Sardinia Autonoleggio
Porto Cervo Rental Center. (code PTC)
Via Aga Khan, 1, 07021 Porto Cervo OT

Tel. +39 333 850 77 04

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Info About Porto Cervo
Porto Cervo is one of the most renowned summer beach resorts in the world. The center of the truest Esmeralda Coast comes from the visionary idea of Prince Aga Khan who, at the beginning of the '70s, transformed this place into the tourist resort that we all know today.
Porto Cervo boasts boutiques, shops, clubs and restaurants of world-class, unique beaches and places of incomparable beauty, with cars and scooters you will be able to live it to the fullest.


Marina di Porto Cervo, Spiaggia di Capriccioli, Chiesa Stella Maris, Spiaggia del Principe


Why Only Sardinia Autonoleggio in Porto Cervo?

With Only Sardinia Autonoleggio you make sure to rent on site, in fact it is the only car rental present in Porto Cervo Center in the Promenade du Port.
Extensive fleet of cars, basic, premium and luxury services.
You can book online 365 days a year.
Possibility of car hire in Porto Cervo even without a credit card and with debit card
Excellent online review

• Can I rent a car without a credit card here in Porto Cervo?
Yes, it is possible to rent a car from us without a credit card, the credit card is the main choice, but no problem even with payment systems and alternative deposits, such as cash according to limits and the law.

• What types of rental vehicles are present in Porto Cervo?
A large fleet of cars plus 125cc scooters and vans on request.

Do you deliver at home?
Yes, we deliver your rental car to villas, hotels, and major resorts around Porto Cervo.