sabato, Aprile 5, 2014

Olbia Costa Smeralda airport. The most beautiful airport in Sardinia. (By Only Sardinia rent a car).

Located 2 kms south of the center of Olbia, the Costa Smeralda airport of Olbia is the most important international airport of Sardinia and certainly the most beautiful.
Built in an easily accessible area and well set in the city and the landscape. Large green areas, environmentally friendly terminals and the third bigger and more technological watchtower in Italy.


The area surrounding the port of call is very prestigious. One of the features commonly agreed upon by the passengers is the typical perfume of the Mediterranean vegetation that scents the atmosphere, a delicious attraction for the taste buds. Rumor has it that a passenger has stated « If I were taken to the Olbia airport blindfold and unaware, I would immediately recognize the place by the unique smell of its nature from the very opening of the plane doors…».

Built in 1974, it has been managed by Geasar S.p.a. since 1985; it is equipped with a terminal dedicated to private flights, named “Eccelsa Aviation”, top-of-the-range among the private national stopovers and among the first in Europe.

There is only one runaway that will soon be enlarged in order to enable the landing of long range aircrafts.
There is a number of facilities in the various terminals and numerous shopping centers in the roundabouts. The car rental terminal is unique in Italia, maybe in Europe too, for its beauty and wide range of renting companies; Europcar, Hertz, Maggiore, Avis, Budget live together and share the area with regional and local companies such as Ellepi Car Rental, Matta Car Rental and our Only Sardinia Car Rental.

The potential of this port of call is huge and it will possibly reach the 3 million passengers traffic at its full output and, hopefully, reach the maximum passenger capacity of 4,5 millions.
If this challenge were successfully reached, it would enhance the touristic development of all the area.

Therefore, whether you are planning to schedule a journey or planning to move to our island, do not doubt and chose to land at the Olbia airport, the “door to Sardinia”.

Enjoy surfing!