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Rent a Car Without a credit card? With Only Sardinia car rental you can!

Those who choose or are not enabled to have a credit card, from today onwards have a new alternative possibility to rent a car, Onlysardinia car rental.

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We are close to our customers’ needs and offer them the possibility to pay a guarantee deposit by cash, provided that they comply with the caps indicated by the local regulations.

Our car fleet is made of recently matriculated and constantly verified vehicles.
We have our rental offices in Olbia airport, Porto Cervo and Cagliari.

Our staff will be at your disposal and the consultants will have an answer to all your questions. Before you contact us, you can verify the various alternative possibilities in the list below and get in touch with us through the following contact details:

Phone number: +39 333 850 77 04 Marco Marras ( WhatsApp is also available )
Phone number: +39 345 410 162 3 Marco Corda ( WhatsApp is also available)
Skype: onlysardinia
Contact Form:
Web site:

We also provide indications for those who want to rent a car with Only Sardinia car rental without a credit card and the various options:

1)Booking a car by contacting our email address and forward your request. After assessing the rental amount, the customer can guarantee the rental amount and the deductibles with a cash payment ( within the law).

2)Booking a car by using the contact details linked above, paying the rental with a bankcard when you collect the vehicle and ensuring the deductibles by cash ( within the law).

3)Pre-paying the car on the web site with a prepaid card, a postepay card or any other prepaid card you can provide, and then pay the deductibles by cash (within the law). If you do not have this kind of card, ask your bank; they usually offer a variety of prepaid cards for on line payments that are easy to obtain in a day. Banca Intesa for example offers the Flash Card, Unicredit offers the Click Card.
You can also ask a friend or a relative: you will book the car on the credit card owner’s behalf and then ask us to modify the driver’s details by using the links above.

4)Pre-paying the rental amount with a wire and guarantee the deductibles by cash (within the law).

Enjoy surfing!

  1. Robert

    Mercoledì, Aprile 8, 2015 - 12:37:15

    It is possible to pay deposit through debit card or cash?
    We would like to hire a car from Cagliari airport from 1st of June to 8th of June 
    Group A - 4 door

  2. onlysar3

    Mercoledì, Aprile 8, 2015 - 17:24:21

    Thank you for contacting us

    Yes of course, You could book your car rental online.

    At the start of the car rental we will require a deposit amount of guarantee by standard credit card or by cash. The deposit will be release/refunded at the end of the rental.

    Best regards
    Andrea Raspi
    Station Manager
    Car rental office Cagliari Airport

  3. Verreet Jamie

    Lunedì, Agosto 20, 2018 - 19:46:31

    I am 20 and would like to hire a car in cagliari. I only have debit, pre-paid mastercard and cash, is this possible for 7-10 september 2018?

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