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Olbia, Cruise ships. With Only Sardinia Car Rental delivery services, itineraries.

Cruise ships carry on landing at the Isola Bianca Port of Olbia.
This article can provide useful information to pleasure cruisers and help complement the already well organized service provided by the Olbia Port Authority.


Cruisers already have various options at their back and call and are given directions about the best way to exploit the little time they have in town and what they can do or visit around the area.
Only Sardinia car rental, with its usual attention to the tourist’s need and interest, offers a delivery and pick-up service for the Olbia Port.
We will also give you useful tips regarding beaches, itineraries, rest stops and archeological sites to meet all the possible requests.
All our fees will therefore include the delivery and pick-up service along with a multilingual gps device.
According to the average opinion of the cruisers that have become our customers, some attractions are more popular among them than others.
Right now, the most popular itinerary is:
Olbia, the Pittulongu foreshore, Golfo Aranci, Golfo of Marinella, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda; this itinerary permits a thorough view of this part of Gallura with the small amount of hours available.
Thanks to the short distance between the Port of Olbia and the Costa Smeralda airport and the very good road connection between them, many cruisers prefer dropping at the airport to find a car for rent.
The taxi service from the port to the airport costs approximately 20,00 euro, while you can rent a car with Only Sardinia car rental with a starting fee of 70,00 euro, according to the car model, including delivery and pick-up service, itineraries and a gps device.

Olbia Costa Smeralda airport. The most beautiful airport in Sardinia. (By Only Sardinia rent a car).

Located 2 kms south of the center of Olbia, the Costa Smeralda airport of Olbia is the most important international airport of Sardinia and certainly the most beautiful.
Built in an easily accessible area and well set in the city and the landscape. Large green areas, environmentally friendly terminals and the third bigger and more technological watchtower in Italy.


The area surrounding the port of call is very prestigious. One of the features commonly agreed upon by the passengers is the typical perfume of the Mediterranean vegetation that scents the atmosphere, a delicious attraction for the taste buds. Rumor has it that a passenger has stated « If I were taken to the Olbia airport blindfold and unaware, I would immediately recognize the place by the unique smell of its nature from the very opening of the plane doors…».

Built in 1974, it has been managed by Geasar S.p.a. since 1985; it is equipped with a terminal dedicated to private flights, named “Eccelsa Aviation”, top-of-the-range among the private national stopovers and among the first in Europe.

There is only one runaway that will soon be enlarged in order to enable the landing of long range aircrafts.
There is a number of facilities in the various terminals and numerous shopping centers in the roundabouts. The car rental terminal is unique in Italia, maybe in Europe too, for its beauty and wide range of renting companies; Europcar, Hertz, Maggiore, Avis, Budget live together and share the area with regional and local companies such as Ellepi Car Rental, Matta Car Rental and our Only Sardinia Car Rental.

The potential of this port of call is huge and it will possibly reach the 3 million passengers traffic at its full output and, hopefully, reach the maximum passenger capacity of 4,5 millions.
If this challenge were successfully reached, it would enhance the touristic development of all the area.

Therefore, whether you are planning to schedule a journey or planning to move to our island, do not doubt and chose to land at the Olbia airport, the “door to Sardinia”.

Enjoy surfing!

Only Sardinia car rental. The new Google+ pages are on line.

At last our Google Plus page in English for the international customers is on line.


Only Sardinia car rental is keen on the Google brand and believes it is a good product; that is why we focus on the clients’ need by dedicating an area on Google + to communicate with our customers, since we think the
Google social network is the future.

Anyway, our Blog and the contact form are available to provide assistance and useful info.

Furthermore, a new circle dedicated to sharing and suggesting worth-seeing places, itineraries, panoramic trips, beaches and farm holidays is coming soon.

These are the URL links for Google +:

Car rental at the Airport Olbia Costa Smeralda: … 13830010754309/posts

Car rental in Porto Cervo, via del Porto Vecchio, Promenade du Port: … 22428066719784/posts

Only Sardinia car rental always has a “plus” !

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Rent a Car Without a credit card? With Only Sardinia car rental you can!

Those who choose or are not enabled to have a credit card, from today onwards have a new alternative possibility to rent a car, Onlysardinia car rental.

Cheerful young lady holding cash and smiling

We are close to our customers’ needs and offer them the possibility to pay a guarantee deposit by cash, provided that they comply with the caps indicated by the local regulations.

Our car fleet is made of recently matriculated and constantly verified vehicles.
We have our rental offices in Olbia airport, Porto Cervo and Cagliari.

Our staff will be at your disposal and the consultants will have an answer to all your questions. Before you contact us, you can verify the various alternative possibilities in the list below and get in touch with us through the following contact details:

Phone number: +39 333 850 77 04 Marco Marras ( WhatsApp is also available )
Phone number: +39 345 410 162 3 Marco Corda ( WhatsApp is also available)
Skype: onlysardinia
Contact Form:
Web site:

We also provide indications for those who want to rent a car with Only Sardinia car rental without a credit card and the various options:

1)Booking a car by contacting our email address and forward your request. After assessing the rental amount, the customer can guarantee the rental amount and the deductibles with a cash payment ( within the law).

2)Booking a car by using the contact details linked above, paying the rental with a bankcard when you collect the vehicle and ensuring the deductibles by cash ( within the law).

3)Pre-paying the car on the web site with a prepaid card, a postepay card or any other prepaid card you can provide, and then pay the deductibles by cash (within the law). If you do not have this kind of card, ask your bank; they usually offer a variety of prepaid cards for on line payments that are easy to obtain in a day. Banca Intesa for example offers the Flash Card, Unicredit offers the Click Card.
You can also ask a friend or a relative: you will book the car on the credit card owner’s behalf and then ask us to modify the driver’s details by using the links above.

4)Pre-paying the rental amount with a wire and guarantee the deductibles by cash (within the law).

Enjoy surfing!

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Only Sardinia Autonoleggio Olbia aeroporto, l’autonoleggio accessibile. Online i nuovi servizi di noleggio carrozzine e altri ausili per la mobilità personale.

Only Sardinia Autonoleggio continua a differenziarsi e lancia i primi servizi per utenti con difficoltà motorie e per disabili, un’utenza dimenticata dal comparto ‘ rent a car ‘.


Il servizio ha l’obbiettivo di semplificare il viaggio, la vacanza a chi ha difficoltà motorie momentanee o permanenti. Da oggi, infatti, chi si reca in Sardegna in nave o in aereo può tranquillamente richiedere i servizi in loco, senza dover obbligatoriamente trasferire e trasportare i propri ausili per la mobilità.

I servizi di noleggio carrozzine e altri ausili per la mobilità sono attualmente disponibili presso gli uffici di noleggio di Olbia aeroporto e Porto Cervo ha l’obbiettivo di estendere l’attenzione che Only Sardinia Autonoleggio dedica all’utenza turistica e locale.

Le carrozzine e gli ausili si possono noleggiare direttamente dal nostro sito web, o inviando una richiesta ai segienti contatti aziendali;

Contatto Telefonico: +39 333 850 77 04 Marco Marras ( anche WhatsApp )
Contatto Telefonico: +39 345 410 162 3 Marco Corda ( anche WhatsApp )
Nome Skype: onlysardinia
Form Contatti:
Sito Web:


1) Noleggio J.O.B. Chair, ideale per il mare e la spiaggia. Una sedia off-road, per il trasporto di anziani e disabili su tutti i tipi di fondo. Permette di entrare in acqua e facilita la vacanza al mare a soggetti con difficoltà motorie. Grazie alla sua struttura assemblata è facilmente trasportabile.


2) Noleggio carrozzina pieghevole standard. Versatile, robusta, maneggevole e trasportabile. Disponibili anche le versioni ad autospinta, da transito, monoguida unilaterale (monocomando). Telaio a crociera singola o doppia.


3) Noleggio scooter a 4 ruote da interno., per una maggiore mobilità negli interni.


Buona navigazione!